Services offered by your housecall veterinarian

Services offered by your housecall veterinarian

Vaccines tailored to your lifestyle and your animal. Complete and thorough examinations. Personalized care. More info.

In respect and serenity.  Humanitary euthanasia for your pet, when you feel, you and your family are ready.  More info.

Fast and effective relief for your pet. Relevant explanations from your house call veterinarian on how to administer the recommended treatments. More info.

Avoid stress related to transportation and the waiting room. Results can be obtained quickly and discussed with Dre Lindsay. More info.

Test and results on site. Appropriate prevention for your dog and its lifestyle. Effective prevention for ticks, fleas and other parasites also available. More info.

To ensure you make the right choice. To predict the costs, care and time required for your new companion. More info.

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