Blood samples and laboratory analysis

Prélèvements sanguins, analyses en laboratoire

Blood samples and laboratory analysis

Your veterinarian may have various reasons for suggesting  to take blood samples on your pet. It may be necessary to establish diagnosis or to evaluate the degree of functionality of certain vital organs such as kidneys, liver, bone marrow, etc. Monitoring of certain illnesses also have to be done by blood testing.

To take blood samples for pets, it is required to find a vein. It is sometimes necessary to shave the fur to have better access to the blood vessel. Once the vein is found, the vet uses a syringe with a needle to take the amount of blood needed. This procedure is usually accepted much more easily by your pet if done in his own environment by your housecall veterinarian, minimizing stress and other unpleasant factors such as the waiting room, the transportation, a strange environment etc.

Results are rapidly obtained and your housecall veterinarian will take the necessary time to discuss the results and suggest a proper treatment for your pet.

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