Otites, allergies, blessures, etc.

Ear infections, injuries, treatable conditions at home

Pets must receive medical monitoring to ensure their good health. In order to help you, you can call for veterinary consultations at home for your dog or cat. As soon as you detect unhealthy symptoms in your pet you can contact your practitioner to come to your home.

Your housecall veterinarian can be contacted for a consultation or  in any situation where you feel that your pet may be suffering from a disease. You can consult if you suspect an ear infection in your pet, but also in cases of diseases such as allergies, skin problems, eye problems or any condition making your animal uncomfortable. Ticks and fleas can also  transmit diseases such as Lyme disease, hemobartonellosa, flea allergy and need to be addressed quickly.

In addition to treating rapidly and efficiently  your pet for illnesses such as ear infections, skin problems or allergies, your housecall vet Dre Lindsay  will be of great advantage. Since she can travel to your house to perform consultation, she can only simplify the procedures to treat your four legged friend and take time to show you properly how to administer the prescribed treatmemt to your pet. This prevents your sick pet to be stressed by the trip to a veterinary practice and will allow you to benefit from a personalized service.