Vers du coeur (dirofilariose)

Heartworm, tick and parasite prevention

Dirofilariosis or heartworm is a disease that is transmitted by a mosquito carrying the disease. This is a parasite which is found in dogs. This disease is very dangerous. It can cause serious debilatating consequences in your dog and can be prevented with adequate measures.

The home test for heartworm with immediate results is a great opportunity that your housecall veterinarian can provide. Dre Lindsay is equipped with the latest tests so the diagnostic can be obtained rapidly. Thus she can offer you to come to your home to see if your dog is not affected by this serious disease. You will not have to wait long to see the results of the test for heartworm because it is obtained immediately after the analysis of the blood sample (7 minutes). The proper preventive medication can be prescribed as soon as the test is done. Testing is necessary only once every three years if the preventive medication has been administered  by the owner.

Ticks, fleas and other parasites must also be effectively prevented. Dre Lindsay will offer you concrete, easy and safe methods customized to your animal’s way of life.